The Sweetest Sleep


I am proud to release my first piece of artwork of 2021 - "The Sweetest Sleep." 

    The power of the sea is equaled only by that of the woman. Both subjects have long captivated me with their allure and mystery. I have found serenity and hope in the presence of both. They are most beautiful when they are unapologetic and I admire both the most when they rage against constraints around them. 

    In "The Sweetest Sleep" the female element is resting, totally at peace in the chaotic power that is around her - that is her. She, the sea, demands respect both when she is calm and when there is a threat of a storm in her eyes. 

    Almost all of my art is inspired by music and this piece was made while listening to Johnny & the Sea by the amazing Jordan Reyne. It is one of my favorite songs, an adopted anthem really, as it reminds me of the wild nature inside myself and the calling I feel to live in my own truth. "You forget how to swim once your life doesn't throw you too far." This year, loosing my best companion, I was thrown as far as possible. But to my surprise I am still able to swim. This art represents that realization. I hope you, during these crazy times, are learning to swim yourself. 

    This open edition print is now available for purchase in a number of affordable formats to fit any budget - from poster prints to canvas and metal prints. 

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