The Skulk Queen
The Skulk Queen

Meet the "The Skulk Queen"

She is the oldest of her siblings and the most clever. She lords over a realm between man and beast fiercely protective of her family and their territory. You never hear her approach until it is too late. The wind shifts on the back of your neck as you wander her dead woods. There is a presence, a subtle rustling of discarded leaves. You catch a blur of crimson out of the corner of your eye. By then it is too late. Slammed on your back to the forest floor you hear a growing chorus of excited whelps as the Skulk is upon you and your world goes dark. The Skulk feeds again.

We try so hard to conceal the wild that runs through our blood trying to fit ourselves into the societal boxes we construct around ourselves. Our cages are of our own making. Any limitation you have you chose. Break your cage and hold your judgement of the outliers. Learn from them. See how they feed and are sustained by Nature's bounty.

Everything you need you already have. Ground yourself to Earth. Inhale the sanguine air. Run. Your monster is your gift.

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