Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I am a digital artist and photographer based in the Jersey Shore. 

    My dog Darwin has been the most defining element in my journey as an artist and image maker. 

    More than 10 years ago this furry miracle came into my life allowing me to witness true goodness - a stark contrast to the dark imagery I was mostly known for at the time through my published work. Darwin, my canine companion, evolved my career. Because of him I decided to stay at home and became a full time freelance book designer, portrait retoucher, and illustrator. His influence was not limited to just that...

    Almost 4 years ago Darwin was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer.  After the initial heartbreak and shock he taught me the greatest lesson of all - that you only can appreciate the light by embracing the dark. You must ask yourself, like the Stoics did, "how does this serve me?” It served me, this darkness, by reminding me of all the light I still had including my ability to make art and tell stories that I was foolishly putting on the shelf “for another time.” Maybe for a day that would never come. It was like a lens allowing me to see exactly the blessings I had but also a reminder that I haven’t been giving them the attention they too deserve. Darwin thrived. I embraced, and still do, every second of his precious life because the realization of it being temporary reminds me of the fact that absolutely everything is. Thus, the urgency to and the importance of creating things - of marking this journey. That is why I love monsters and dark things as they remind my, by contrast, what I hold sacred. That is now why I make art. It is why I am moved to photograph things. It is to capture some of that light or darkness before it fades away. Isn’t that we as a species have always created things - to remember?   

    There is beauty in darkness. There is even humor in it. The contrast inspires me. 

    Life is a dark carnival and all aspects are to be embraced. Darwin’s cancer did not define him - I am lucky enough to have a senior dog who wags his tail daily. The past four years have been the best of my life, kindle to my imagination and to the work I am now motivated to create with full abandon. He lit that flame and I will carry it with me always like I will carry him. 

    I hope you enjoy my work!